Sophie, Jonathan and the SoWatt team are, in every way, delightful.

Do not be misled by the simplicity of this statement: on the basis of an ambitious project with clearly defined commercial parameters, we were in every way delighted by the way in which the industrial design exercise was conceptualised, planned, managed, executed and supported.

Our brief was to design and build a Trade Fair stand that would be differentiated, organic in feel, adaptable for re-use, and of course was required to meet a clear budget.

In each of these areas, our needs were more than satisfied.

Not only was the the design itself and the choice of materials wonderfully creative, but the way in which the build was achieved in many respects bordered on “exceptional".

This is not an over-statement: hidden spaces became storage spaces; erecting and dissembling the stand was painless (relatively); and most importantly, the team was there every step of the way, to help support, to make things right and to deliver what they promised. 

Sophie and Jonathan partnered us on our journey, and we will continue to use their services.

Likewise anyone else who has a chance to do so, particularly if looking for solutions that do not fit a stock-standard mould – should do so as well!! 

No hesitation.

- Joel Kaufman, Director, Bloomingdales

Jonathan Biet