Rover Team Table

Rover Team Table


Designed + Made By So Watt

Rover is a team table designed to work hard alongside you as you create, live and play.

Empowering you to plug and play faster. Your team will never fight over the only charge port again.

Agile work environments need intuitive furniture, If you’re crawling around on the floor, then something is wrong with the design of your desk. Avoid calling an electrician every time you need to add a workpoint thanks to the easy accessibility of the Rover cable tray. Provision for two quad GPOs comes as standard in the Rover cable tray, and provision for a further two quad GPOs, data points or USB ports is available by adding further mounting plates. A cable sock or umbilical can be installed to a floor box from any are around the cable tray.

Rover’s hard working finish is tough as nails, antibacterial + abrasion resistant + fingerprint proof, and doesn’t give microorganisms the chance to breed.

Rover helps prevent the spread of bacteria in your workplace, it repels spills, stains, pen marks and daily scuffs. Durable with a scratch resistance level of 4 Newton and an abrasion resistance of +400 revolutions, available in 7 colours laid onto Birch Plywood.

Lightweight components, assembled with the use of only an allen key. Considered design creating a system for streamlined specifying and ordering.


Height: 735mm - 750mm

Single: 2400mm x 1200mm

Double: 4360mm x 1200mm

Triple: 6370mm x 1200mm

This product is custom made to order.

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