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A considered and sustainable approach to temporary spaces, activations, pop-ups and more.


Temporary Spaces

It’s one thing to have a beautiful temporary space, but it’s another to have one that lasts longer than a weekend. At So Watt we build temporary spaces to live beyond their first run, and for those truly one off things, we use materials that can be re-purposed for something else down the line or recycled with companies like Visy or Reverse Garbage.

For all the efforts and expense that goes into participating in an exhibition, don’t settle for white walls and ugly carpet. Show off your products or services while staying on-brand and creating an experience that visitors will remember and post to social media.



We often work with advertising companies to create activations for events and product launches. These range from photo backdrops to giveaways for guests and can even include artworks or collaborations with other artists to bring life to the party.

We design props to be reused in multiple places for a myriad of events. Often times the piece will come to rest in the head office or showroom of our client proudly on display for years to come.


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