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Prototyping is a hugely important step for any new idea.

The best way to start is with your hands.


Starting with basic and accessible materials that don’t cost too much is the best way to start.

Think of it as a craft session! Working in a 3D manner may highlight a lot of elements you may need to consider moving forward.

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Prototyping And Design

This once ground-breaking technology is now readily available to the consumer market, with retailers jumping on board to sell consumer level machines readily available for use at home. There are also lots of different types of 3D printers which provide different levels of finish as well as the option to print with different materials.

3D printing is a great way to prototype your whole product or perhaps just a working part. It is best to keep the scale quite small so it’s not a suitable method for furniture prototyping.

Below are some examples of 3D printed prototypes we have created for our clients or our own tests. There is no need to make it overly ‘pretty’ at this stage of your project, but more to focus on the finished size of your parts to test for ergonomics or to make sure you have allowed correct tolerances if your parts will work in with other components.


Gadgets + Electronics

Depending on the product you are prototyping, there will be other components to design and test. Often these components will be off the shelf and your design will need to work around them, however it is entirely possible to create what you need from scratch.

Using our knowledge and experience as Industrial Designers, we are able to recommend the right approach to achieving the function you require. We can work with electrical engineers to design and detail custom circuit boards, or run rudimentary ‘bread board’ tests at our studio to check the general concept earlier on in the process.

Other designs may call for compatibility with mechanical hardware. During the years our research has helped us narrow the list of possibilities so that we can recommend high quality and affordable hardware components for your product.


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