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Our in-house manufacturing facilities


CNC Routing Sydney

A CNC router is a computer-controlled machine used to cut hard materials and is a variation on the hand held router. Using a CNC router allows for incredible accuracy and consistency of a large quantity of parts. A common example of CNC machining is the cutting and drilling of flat pack kitchen cupboards. 


What can a CNC router do?

We have designed our furniture range to be efficiently produced on our own Biesse Rover K CNC machine. This method allows us to get the most out of the raw material, reduce waste and meet shorter lead times. 

Our CNC is capable of almost limitless designs, and we’re here to provide expertise and operations for your manufacturing project.

FAQ / Parameters to work around

  • Bed size: 2500mm x 1250mm 

  • Max material thickness: 120mm 

  • Typical bit diameter for 18mm plywood: 10mm 

  • Set-up charge of $160 + GST for all new designs 

  • Minimum charge of $80 + GST (on top of set-up)   


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting quite literally uses a laser beam to cut materials. Technically it is also a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine, as it follows the paths set by a computer drawing. You can also engrave with a laser by decreasing the power output.  


What can our laser cutter do? 

Our laser cutter is a relatively low powered machine intended for engraving and cutting thinner materials. We mostly use it for prototypes and templates. It’s great for cutting thin acrylic or cardboard materials but can also cut some fabrics and veneers. 

We often need to play around with settings on new materials to get the best cut, which is why we need to charge a set-up fee. 

FAQ / Parameters to work around

  • Bed size: 1400mm x 900mm

  • Max material thickness: 6mm for best cut finish

  • Power Output: 80 watts

  • Set-up charge of $40 + GST for all new designs

  • Minimum charge of $80 + GST

  • PVC materials cannot be laser cut, they give off poisonous gas!


Vinyl Decals

A vinyl cutter plotter is another Computer Numerical Controlled machine which is used to cut rolls of thin vinyl material with an adhesive backing. The blade follows the path of your computer drawing and cuts ‘decals’ from the roll of vinyl.  


What can our vinyl cutter do?

Our vinyl plotter cuts solid colour vinyl decals mostly for shop windows or for brand logos and product labels.

We can only cut from solid colour at our workshop, but we have access to a vinyl printer for multi-coloured decals so let us know if that’s what you are after.    

FAQ / Parameters to work around

  • Max roll width: 600mm 

  • Max decal length: 2000mm 

  • No shapes smaller than 2mm diameter / width / length

  • 1000’s of colours in gloss, matt and mirror available


Lamello Joinery

The Lamello Zeta P2 is a profile biscuit joiner and is used to join timber sections. The integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle of the Zeta P2 is the centre-piece of this profile biscuit joiner which uses polymer biscuits that slide into the cut slots.


What can do our Lamello Zeta P2 do?

Our Lamello Zeta P2 is a new generation biscuit joiner which uses small inserts between pieces of wood to connect and strengthen them.

This tool also has a second biscuit type with an Allen Key controlled locking arm, allowing for pieces to be taken apart and put together with ease - great for flat packing your pieces! 

FAQ / Parameters to work around: 

  • Material thickness: best suited to boards 16mm to 18mm thick

  • Can be used on both mitre and butt joined edges  

  • Minimum length of edge to be joined is 150mm

  • Choice of permanent fixed hold or disassembly


Osmo Finish

Osmo is a brand of timber finish from Germany. It is a unique combination of natural oils and waxes in the one product - Osmo Wood Wax Finish. It is resistant to dirt, water and abrasion and is food safe.

We use Osmo Wood Waxes to finish the majority of our plywood pieces. Several coats are buffed into the timber rather than sprayed, meaning the finish is engrained in the timber for better durability.  


What we can do with Osmo finish

Osmo offers a range of standard colours which we often mix together to create unique colours original to So Watt. This is done through experimentation however there is no magenta in the range of available colours. Osmo’s head office in Germany will mix to RAL colour charts for a fee.

FAQ / Parameters to work around: 

  • Dry time: 24 hours per coat  

  • Minimum dry time: 4 days for finish to both faces 

  • Custom colour quotes available on request


A little something extra…

If we can’t make it in our workshop, we collaborate with other Australian manufacturers. 

We offer a drafting service for $160+GST per hour to help you translate your design from hand sketches or pinterest boards to files ready for manufacture. Click through below to learn more about this process.


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