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The Design Process differs depending on the industry or output,

but generally it is a series of steps that help you to bring your idea to life.


Design Process

This map is what we have observed over the years to be the best at covering all the elements that go into a variety of projects.

You can use this to plan ahead and to help demonstrate everything that goes into completing a project. Most of these steps will require repeating, in fact we encourage it to make sure you have explored all the possible options!

We can help with all these steps or jump in and help where you need it most.


Still a little unsure?

Your project might be a ‘quick sprint’ or a year-long development, either way our team of qualified Industrial Designers can offer you advice on how to get started.

Email us to book a time for a quick FREE consultation or have a read through our blog post on delving into your own project below.


Where and how we can help

The services which make up our design process can be offered as a complete package, or clients can request assistance with to complement their own skills.

  • Hand sketching and mood boards 

  • Drafting service: CAD models and technical drawings 

  • Scale models (3D printing, laser cut cardboard and acrylic models) 

  • One-off working prototypes

  • Mass production with So Watt 

  • Manufacture kits for mass production with external companies  

  • Delivery and installation services 

Want to know more?

Give us a call for an initial chat

or use our pre-flight checklist below to get started!

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