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The Next Best Thing to a Day Off

Rover Table Sydney


The modern maker.

Rover is a team table designed to work hard alongside you as you create, live and play.

Do it properly, or not at all...

So Watt are creators, inventors and designers who challenge the ordinary.
Smart and sustainable workplace furniture from the new wave in Australian design and manufacture.

Made in Marrickville, Sydney.

Empowering you to plug and play faster.

Power Up or Down.

Your team will never fight over the only charge port again.


Take the power back.

Two quad GPOs as standard.

Provision for a further two quad GPOs, data points or USB ports. Agile work environments need intuitive furniture.

If you’re crawling around on the floor, then something is wrong with the design of your desk.

 Strength Tested Birch Ply.


Your work is why we go to work.


Our Mission to change the spaces we work in.

It’s time to re-think the way we furnish our workplaces. Cold surfaces and plastic finishes plastered onto chunky steel frames no longer cuts the mustard for discerning Australians. High-performing natural materials worked into elegant silhouettes combined with practical accessories and fuss free construction is what we’re passionate about.


How our philosophy affects this project.

We call it Micro-Manufacturing. Smaller workshops more accessible to clients running a refined production process that allows for fast-turnaround of locally made furniture, products and spaces. The Rover Team Table is made in Australia, by Australian designers, for our local way of life (But of course we want to spread the word so we also ship worldwide!)


How does this table differ from other plywood tables?

We use high grade Birch plywood with durable, non-yellowing Osmo wood wax finish paired with a very special table-top finish, read more on this below. The design doesn’t rely on a myriad of screws and brackets, allowing the design to stay clean and minimal. 


Can I keep my cables organized & accessible?

The cable tray is accessible via a cutout in the centre of the table top. Angled brackets for power points are within easy reach to plug and play. Cables enter and exit this cable tray from either end through numerous points so that you can route them any way you like. A lid to match the worktop hides cables from view with a gap for them to still be usable. 


Designed to be assembled faster than a coffee break.


Hard working finish.

Antibacterial + Abrasion Resistant + Fingerprint Proof.

Fenix NTM Laminate.

Doesn’t give microorganisms the chance to breed.
Helps prevent the spread of bacteria in your workplace. Repels spills, fingerprints, pen marks and daily scuffs.
Durable with a scratch resistance level of 4 Newton and an abrasion resistance of +400 revolutions.
Available in 15 colours laid onto Birch Plywood.  


6 Week Lead Time


3 Year Warranty


Want to know more?  

Download the full specs.

For all the in depth specifications and details, feel free to download our Rover spec sheet and style guide.

Press Enquiries

For press enquiries, releases, and high res images of the team table, please contact Sophie via email.

Get in touch to find out more.

We’d love to chat to you about how Rover can work for your business. Contact us below or give us a call on (02) 8960 5756.