The So Watt brand is simple, accessible, and quite dashing if you ask us.

Take a moment to read through our brand guidelines and access the right files.


Our brand was built by the fantastic team at The Offices — make sure to check out their work!


This is our primary logo.

We use it for practically everything.



This is the mini one.

It’s for social media and such.



These are our colours.

We use green majority of the time - check with us if you need some help allocating the correct colours.



These are our fonts for print.

They are Avenir Next, Rawlinson Medium and our custom made font So Watt Bold.


Our Values.


Our Work

Future Friendly

We’re of the buy-it-once school of manufacture. Our pieces can be repaired or adapted to last through untold settings. Where possible we use local, reusable, recycled and low emission materials and parts.

Our Service

Providing Certainty

Clients value their commissions most when they’ve been a part of the creative process. So, we’re big on sharing our ideas, methods and ethics – while taking your timeframes and brief very seriously.


Our Craft

Achieving Balance

Behind every So Watt creation is a harmony of inputs. When we achieve that intersection between purpose, utility and design, we’ll deliver a product that’s made to love and designed to last.


Our Gift

Powerful Curiosity

Without the rigid science behind our experimentation, we wouldn’t deliver the world anything new. And without that experimentation, we wouldn’t be us. Our curiosity drives us to continuously push for new ways of thinking and making.

Our People

Good Company

Creative sparks have to bounce between designers, staff, machinists, clients and others. It’s like ping-pong balls in a science lab. Workshops, exhibitions, conversations – such collaborations are when magic happens.



Here’s Our complete Brand Guide

In case you need it — Click the photo to Download.

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