Holiday Madness

The Silly Season is well and truly upon us! Between all the extra parties (it’s a tough life!) through to the house prep before the family descends, it’s honestly a miracle anyone gets any presents wrapped and under the tree before the big day!


Lately, this annual mayhem has had us thinking.

The end of year break allows us some time to reconnect with all our friends, family and supporters who have patiently waited for us to resurface. We get together with friends for an annual ‘Festivus’ celebration which is by law, no frills. The idea of less is more has become the best part of the celebration and we can relax with our nearest and dearest without being bombarded with the guilt and worry of unnecessary consumer-driven traditions. 

We want to help everyone enjoy their Festivus this year in a way that is important to them (and not out of obligation), so we thought we’d ask two very important questions.

1.     If you could keep one tradition from the holiday season, what it would it be?

2.     If you could ditch one tradition, what would that be?

For the House Elves

If your favourite activity is decorating your house to fill it with Holiday cheer, then power to you! Your next step is to carefully think about how you can still deck the halls without costing you all your marbles (or the earth). 

Suggestion: Why not create a décor box that is filled with things that are truly special to you, not just this seasons Christmas colours (hmm shall we go rose gold or seaspray blue this year)? You will find unexpected joy in rediscovering these treasures when you bring them out each year and be able to give them as gifts one day to someone else who will love them.




Ask any chef their favourite meal and I guarantee it will be a simple dish cooked at home by a loved one. There is no need to fill a table with more food than all your cousins (combined!) can eat!

Suggestion: Maybe ask everyone to bring a dish that they love to share. This spreads the work around and gives a real feeling of togetherness. Perhaps you can ask everyone to write down the recipes and add them to a family cookbook?



For the over-gifter

Are you a serial Christmas market attendee? Do you spend all year debating what present to get your loved ones? Are you worried that your kids won’t get as much as their friends do? This time of year can create a very real feeling of anxiety, and it seems to us like gift giving is getting out of hand. Not only are we in danger of inflating each other’s sense of entitlement, we are creating more waste than the planet can handle.

Suggestion: Perhaps you could create a new family tradition by buying each person only one gift (that includes the little people) but make it special. Exchange stories about how grateful you are for each other, and what family means to you. Maybe you could donate to a charity, collectively.



We would love to hear how your Festivus went, hopefully some of these ideas are what your guilty Grinch self has been dying to hear.

Enjoy the time with your loved ones this Christmas, and don’t forget - be the change you want to see in the world.


Happy holidays,

Sophie & Jono