Plywood Furniture Installation (Collaboration with Koala/Myer)

As with so many adventures we undertake with new clients, we met our new furry friends via word of mouth and generous recommendations from other creatives who had already worked with the mattress masters.

We met to discuss a functional range of visual merchandising furniture to complete the look for their pop-up in Myer stores across Australia, and what can we say? It was love at first brainstorm session!

Plywood shelving unit for Koala/Myer - no tools required

The Brief:

Koala needed complimentary pieces that would sit side by side with their hugely successful plywood bed base, new sofa and of course their famous mattress. The pieces needed to be practical and provide places for additional merchandising, but most importantly, complete the feeling of a pop-up ‘loft style’ home rather than typical shop shelving. In essence, we needed to design and construct brand new considered pieces of furniture to a high standard ready to roll out in a matter of weeks.

Plywood Shelving Installation for Koala/Myer

The Design:

Already having a very clear brand guide in place, we were able to offer practical advice on what was achievable in the timeframe with a few extra pops of fun. The result was a click-together shelving system made from the same ply as the bed base, open at the top in order to connect the different areas as well as lower back panels in order to help Koala’s furniture really stand out. We couldn’t resist adding a dowel fringe to the base of the unit which really grounded the piece.

Plywood shelving visual merchandising furniture for Koala/Myer

The Construction:

Entirely cut on our Biesse CNC machine in our Marrickville workshop, all pieces were sanded and finished in Osmo wood wax to maintain the natural colour of the ply.

We had two challenges to work around. Firstly, the installation needed to meet Myer’s strict safety regulations (ensuring that customers would be safe around heavy freestanding pieces) and secondly, the entire piece had to be shipped flat-pack and assembled on site by the Koala team members - with no tools. The hidden complexity in this design involved sliding the coral coloured panels in at the correct stage of assembly, ensuring that the entire unit was locked together, making it incredibly stable.

Plywood and Dowel Shelf Unit - No tools required

What We Learnt:

We collaborated (and caffeinated) heavily with Koala from the beginning of the project - burning through most of our scrap paper to ensure that we had the design right first go. We knew that there would be little to no room for error, due to the extremely tight deadlines in the national rollout to Myer stores in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. The Koala team were a pleasure to work with and trusted our professional opinions. We can’t wait to work with them again.


Plywood Visual Merchandising collaboration with Koala/Myer