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Industrial Design Studio


We are creators, inventors and designers who challenge the ordinary.

Our team designs and manufactures striking functional furniture, products and spaces at our purpose-built workshop in Marrickville. We sell direct to the public and collaborate with architects, interior designers, advertising agencies, medical and other sectors. 

We believe that the future of goods-making is ethical, local and inspirational.



After meeting while studying at TU Delft in the Netherlands, Jonathan and Sophie realised solving people’s problems with creativity was their calling. They joined forces in June 2015 and So Watt was born in their single car garage. 

A year later, and after experimenting with their own selection of watches and lights, they decided it would be impossible to ignore the growing number of clients looking for bespoke pieces and exciting fitouts designed and made by locals. They bit the bullet and moved into a slightly larger concrete box and purchased their first CNC machine. Since then, and via a very winding road, their offerings have grown to cover every possible inch of the broad Industrial Design sector. Their purpose-built workshop and studio in Marrickville hosts an inspiring showroom and meeting area for brainstorming sessions, and an even bigger space for prototyping, mass-manufacturing and all out tinkering at the back. 




Jonathan Biet

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Industrial Design

2008 - 2012

Technical University Delft (The Netherlands) Exchange Program

Engineering (Industrial Design Major)


sophie bain

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Industrial Design


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Industrial Design


Technical University Delft (The Netherlands) Exchange Program

Engineering (Industrial Design Major)




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In a consumer driven world, we want to support a sustainable planet by creating with honesty, transparency and longevity. As designers we often refer to the Cradle-to Cradle approach. If we are to continue buying stuff, let’s try and make stuff that furthers our planet rather than harms it. Some of the ways we are doing this are by buying local and shipping small with re-usable packaging and educating our clients on material choices to empower their decisions. We welcome suggestions and healthy conversation on what else we can do!



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